24/7/365 ExistDance

24 November 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark


Waking this morning awe, curiosity and wonder illumined my senses, insight stronger than the soft winter light that struggled to open the gloaming of my room. I was still resonating with an unusual sonic adventure shared with family hours before, our bodies, hearts, brains, intuition and spirits tripping the light fantastic due to an unexpected tangible experience with Mereon’s Song. As soon as my head touched the pillow, I felt my body dipped, falling deep into the dance of dreamtime.

Snug under my down duvet insight warmed my heart tightening the seams of my soul reinforcing my connection with all that is. Knowing how unity is possible only in the presence of diversity I heard my spirit whisper as my body floated in the morning interlude, that peaceful space between post-dreaming and wide awake. As this goddessential part of me reminded why Joy is my teacher, my guide, and Gratitude is my intimate and ultimate life lesson, understanding began to flow, giving rise to questions that needed to be re-asked and answered.

Remembering not one of us is terminally unique I’m sharing them, doing so in the royal sense of ‘we’ rather than as a ‘me’…

Why do we forget that every breath is an opportunity to aim for experiences that call forth joy?


Why do we allow life’s repetitive nature to sink us in pain, a banal quagmire mashed by forgetting that life is miraculous, never mundane?

What causes us to succumb to forgetfulness, keeping us from cultivating conscious awareness?

How often do we take the light of day that wakes us up for granted?

How often and why do we waste one minute when 24/7/365 the sun rises and shines to give us life?

Why do we whine on days like today when the light (truth) is eclipsed because the wind is cooperating with land (physical) and seas (emotional) to send billowing clouds of elephant grey (mental) lumbering across the heavens (intuition) for a time?

Why do we weep during a Symphony of seasons even though we know a cycle is essential and regenerates infinite reasons to open our hearts and bow our heads in wonder?

Why do we worry when every single day the Universe presents us with a Song we can sing, harmony a cause to care with love providing infinite reasons to share?


As the pirouette of our home planet lets us honour the truth and the illusion we perceive as sunset may we consciously inhale the extraordinary. As love quickens remembrance, let us vow to bow only to the truth that nothing is ordinary. May we allow the power of Love to transform our perception, keeping us open with enough space so we can graciously receive. May we experience the sharp and painless the tip of time’s magical arrow is as it inoculates us against fear. Breathing gently on the embers of compassion, allow the sparks to open the light of love so grace is free to lift the heaviest sorrows while love mends every wound.

Today may you embrace life with a childlike spirit, finding the courage to join in the High Play of this Existential Dance. May you co-create technicolour memories that shall remind you tomorrow why Loving and gratitude are the progenitors of joy, awe and wonder that let you grow into a truly divine human becoming.