A Cosmic Dare

joy vs destination.jpg

Learning how to make positive change is at your fingertip.

Consider this post a cosmic dare.

Get a pen and paper, sit down, take a breath and take a few minutes to feel your way through how you choose. How do you decide what to say or do? Number the paper 1-6. Next, gather the moral courage to write down:

1. What is the main cause of your physical distress?

2. What is the reason you give yourself for over-emoting?

3. What attitudes cause you the most mental stress?

4. What reasons do you give yourself for making promises you know you can't keep? 

5. Why do you say you'll do something when you know you don't have time? 

6. How do you attempt to justify, rationalise, or spiritualise doing something when it's a person moral conflict, and an ethical compromise?

Being truthful with yourself lets you begin to rebuild healthy relationships.

 1. How would your life change if you replaced your challenges with good habits?

2. How often do your bad habits erode or end relationships that once brought you joy?

Attitudes and actions are habits that determine your health and nature of every relationship.